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Speak of the Devil SPEAK OF THE DEVIL

"From first line to last, SPEAK OF THE DEVIL moves with a rare combination of intrigue and intensity. Its engine runs on high-octane adrenaline. Richard Hawke delivers a winner."
   —Michael Connelly

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It all begins on a beautiful crisp Thanksgiving morning. A gunman takes aim on the crowd gathered for Manhattan's world-famous parade. Only one man in the throng sees it happening. And before the gunshots have even finished echoing off the venerable apartment buildings lining the parade route, that man is on the chase.

And that man doesn't know when to let up.

He's Fritz Malone, bastard son of a former New York City police commissioner, every bit as wry and old-style romantic as he is cool, smart and relentless. Within minutes of pursuing the parade shooter (within pages!), Fritz is tossed into a game that involves coldhearted criminals, dirty cops and long-buried secrets held by those who have no intention of allowing anyone to bring them up into the light of day. Ever.

Check it out...you'll see.

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Random House hardcover, January 2006, ISBN: 1-4000-6425-2
Ballantine Books paperback, February 2007, ISBN: 0-3454-8218-2


"Mr. Hawke's (novel) tours the city with unusual streetwise panache...but this isn't a book that coasts on its urban geography. It lives by its wits, and its wits would work anywhere."
   —Janet Maslin, New York Times

"...fast-moving, first-rate...It's one of those novels that had me putting my hand over the next page to keep from peeking. Hawke's plot grabs us by the throat, but his details provide more subtle pleasures, for he is skilled with minor characters and turns a nice phrase."
   —The Washington Post

"...hugely enjoyable...a loaded backstory, compelling minor characters and clever, literate writing promise great things ahead for Hawke... Note to Spenser: best stay in Boston—Fritz has got the Big Apple covered."
   —Publishers Weekly

"...gives us the city almost as if we're living in it for the first time, accompanied by a guide who knows it in intimate ways. 'Time's Square never takes a night off,' Malone observes...neither does this novel."
   —NPR's All Things Considered

"Hawke explores the moral high and low ground...in a deftly paced [story] that crackles and pops from page one. In a genre populated with predictable PI's, Fritz Malone is a fresh, engaging blend of laconic detective and likable guy."
   —Booklist (starred review)

"Richard Hawke has managed what some writers spend a lifetime trying to accomplish: He has come up with a character and place that should entertain in countless stories to come."
   —Rocky Mountain News

"...smart, emotionally charged and vastly entertaining... thrill-a-minute pacing and inspired plot twists... Hawke lays claim to the city and proves that there's always room for another resourceful shamus to set up shop in Gotham."
   —Maureen Corrigan, Newsday

"The best thing about SPEAK OF THE DEVIL is the way Richard Hawke side-steps virtually all the cliché-ridden minefields... The next best thing is how we are absolutely powerless to stop reading even when we realize how we're being manipulated. And isn't that another way of describing professionalism?"
   —Chicago Tribune

"Speak of the Devil shows surprising agility in style and structure, with quite a few passages so well rendered that readers may find themselves taking a second pass just to savor all the flourishes....Hawke does an admirable job as well in bringing New York to life, making the city just as much a character in its own right as Los Angeles was in Marlow's adventures...This is a character, and an author, to keep an eye on."
   —The San Francisco Chronicle

"Richard Hawke's Fritz Malone is an irresistible private eye...I was hooked in the first 10 pages."
   —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"...seekers of Gotham-based detective fiction should take to this smart, sharply plotted debut...The zigzag clue-crawl and teeming cast mirror the city's vigor."
   —Village Voice

"Suspense fans till be talking about SPEAK OF THE DEVIL and its memorable hero. In this gritty and surprising novel, Richard Hawke grabs you on page 1 and never lets go."
   —Harlan Coben

"SPEAK OF THE DEVIL has everything—breakneck pace, a sharp eye for characters both good and not-so-good, and, best of all, a gripping story. The novel is richly detailed, intelligent, and effortlessly entertaining."
   —T. Jefferson Parker

"A smart, wry mystery with a hero who is the perfect balance of noir PI and decent guy. Richard Hawke has done a first-rate job of creating characters and re-creating New York."
   —Susan Issacs

"Hawke's first mystery makes a smashing debut with a terrific new detective. Fritz Malone is a welcome addition to the world of Archie Goodwin and Spenser, a world of sharp-tongued, sharp-witted PIs."
   —Lesa Holstine, BookBitch.com

"SPEAK OF THE DEVIL will be on everyone's short list for mystery of the year."
   —the indefatigable Harriet Klausner


Richard Hawke